10001 (Curtis Black)



Powerlace is the first self-lacing shoe that is activated by body weight. Incredibly easy to use and no hands required, the shoe automatically adjusts to your foot as soon as you slip it on. It’s as easy getting out as getting in. Our shoe has a lever system on its heel for efficient and comfortable removal. These modern and comfortable shoes are light, breathable and ready for any occasion. Each shoe has advanced rubber soles, Dyneema laces, and either premium engineered mesh or full-grain Napa leather. Durable and made to last, our shoes are made of premium quality materials only, spatial-grade reinforcement fiber and our self-lacing system that has been tested for years.

Pair of Powerlace All-Terrain shoes in superior engineered mesh, equipped with the  Powerlace® automatic lacing system.

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8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

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